AERO PRO Antibacterial masks

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    Made In Taiwan

    Key Features

    Automatic machinery production.

    passed by the patented product.

    Unique patented design to support the film, so that the mask and the face more closely, bearing the side of the seamless.

    Breathing space was stereoscopic, no hot feeling, breathing more smoothly. When the breathing volume is large, the hood is not deformed.

    Three-layer structure of surface water supply material. The inner layer of composite fiber, absorbent breathable, to maintain long-term use of comfort.

    Small size to choose from (children and small face apply).

    Applicable: dentists, operating rooms, pharmaceutical companies, electronics factories, care and environmental treatment and other workplaces.

    50 pieces / box
    40 boxes / box


    Payment Details

    • Minimum Order:2000 Piece(s)

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